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Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Are you going back and forth between the best honeymoon destination for you? It can be fun to explore the many top honeymoon destinations, but there are many factors to consider before making a final decision. What type of location would you prefer? Tropical, mountains, city? When will you be traveling? Is money a factor? How do you want to spend your time? Lounging, skiing, snorkeling, eating fine cuisine? By answering all of these questions with a Honeymoon Specialist, he or she can help pinpoint destinations that are most appealing based on experience and expertise. The most popular honeymoon hot spots include:


Honeymoon Tips and Money-saver Ideas 

We can help you plan the honeymoon of your dreams. We work with you to find the perfect destination, activities, accommodations and amenities you both will enjoy and always remember. Here are some tips for a wonderful and stress-free honeymoon.

Plan Ahead
Purchase everything in advance, including air, hotel and activities, to make your honeymoon as carefree as possible.

Create a Registry
Let your guests contribute to your once-in-a-lifetime trip with a Hometown Travel Wedding Registry. Your family and friends will have the opportunity to give money towards your honeymoon or purchase gifts such as a couples massage or a dinner on the beach.

Give Yourselves Time
Allow at least one day between your wedding and your honeymoon departure. You will be so exhausted after your wedding that you will want time to rest, refresh and get organized before you set off.

Check your Passport
If you are traveling to an international destination, make sure that your passport is up-to-date. Brides: remember that the last name in your passport must match the last name on your airline ticket and other reservation documentation.

Bring your Certificate
Many hotels require proof of marriage to take advantage of special amenities exclusively for honeymooning couples, so bring along a copy of your certificate.

Indulge Yourselves
This is the trip of a lifetime so go ahead and indulge a little. Fly first class, upgrade your room to a suite, or consider an all-inclusive resort that caters to honeymooners.


Destination Wedding Travel Planning

Destination Wedding travel is very exciting! The destination wedding planner at Hometown Travel has years of experience arranging destination wedding packages, including All-Inclusive weddings on the beach, Las Vegas weddings, Europe weddings and more. Beach weddings are especially popular right now in destinations like Mexico, the Caribbean and Hawaii. Group travel can be complicated, but when you work with Hometown Travel we make planning a destination wedding as hassle-free as it gets! We will find a unique, affordable destination wedding option for you. 

Many couples are now combining their wedding and honeymoon to create the perfect destination wedding. The many advantages this flexible wedding style has made it a growing trend with a lot of appeal. It is also a popular option for couples who want something a little less traditional for the second wedding or for vow renewals.

With countless unique and exciting options available, Hometown Travel is your destination wedding agency who can help you choose the best location perfect for you !

Call today and ask about free destination wedding opportunities at select resorts!

We can arrange and advise on:

  • Private Ceremonies
  • Private Receptions
  • All transportation and accommodations
  • Added destination wedding bonuses and incentives
  • Necessary paperwork, passport requirements and legalities

Make your destination wedding the trip of a lifetime! From a sunset wedding on the beach to a fairytale wedding in a castle, Hometown Travel is committed to making all your wedding dreams come true!


Destination Wedding Tips

Carefully Select your Destination

An exotic wedding in a remote location may be what you’ve always dreamed of, but make sure to consider everyone participating in your special day. Choose a destination that will fit with your style, wedding preferences and needs of your guests.

Inform your Guests

Since your wedding will double as a vacation for your guests, give them plenty of time to plan. They may need to request time off of work, save up money, and take care of other details.

Learn the Marriage Laws

Marriage licenses in some countries may take much longer than expected or may require you to arrive early for information processing. Hometown Travel will help you find out what rules and regulations apply for your preferred destination.

Avoid Shipping Items

Shipping items to and from your wedding destination can be quite expensive. Resorts will have decorations on hand, and items such as bridesmaid gifts can be bought at your destination. Try to distribute must-bring items in the suitcases of family members.

Arrive Early

If time and money allow, arrive at your destination early. You will have more time to finalize any last minute details, get a look at the ceremony site, and discuss your special day with the onsite wedding coordinator.


Why Have a Destination Wedding

  • IT'S EASY: To make planning a breeze, Hometown Travel can help you choose a destination and arrange tailored packages for you and your guests. Most resorts have full-time, onsite wedding planners who can coordinate every aspect of your wedding day.
  • IT'S MEMORABLE: Having your family and friends join you in a beautiful destination will create a celebration you’ll never forget. Your guests will be talking about your wedding for years to come.
  • IT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY: Destination weddings are often less expensive than traditional weddings due to their smaller size. Many resorts offer complimentary or affordable wedding packages, and, by choosing an all-inclusive resort, the cost of food, beverages and lodging will be included in the guests’ vacation packages. In addition, extending your time in the destination will cost you far less than taking an entirely separate honeymoon.
  • IT'S SENSIBLE :With families and friends spread throughout the country and world, it is likely many of your guests will have to travel regardless of your wedding’s location. Why not have them meet you in a fun and exciting destination?



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